The times have changed and now virtualization, especially Server virtualization ,is readily embraced in corporate datacentres worldwide. Bodies such as VMware have, gone from a relatively small vendor to one corporate heavyweight, garnering a commanding share of the server virtualization market with top-notch virtualization products. Even now, when other companies such as Microsoft and Citrix have jumped into the server virtualization space, it's still VMware that's almost synonymous with virtualization. For all intents and purposes, VMware invented the market.
Cryptum limited has VMware certified professionals, with immense virtualization knowledge to help individuals and corporates unleash this technology into their systems cutting on hardware costs while maintaing quality of service offered. Cryptum limited models VMware virtualization into service bundles as follows:

  • Datacentre Virtualization
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Vmware Vapps Design
  • Vmware Cloud.




Why perform Network virtualization?

Help move things to the cloud:

Virtualizing servers and abstracting away the underlying hardware prepares an organization for a move into the cloud from a virtualized datacentre to a private cloud.

Extend the life of older applications.

Presence of applications that either doesn’t run on modern OS and chances being they don’t receive update support may require encapsulation of the application and its environment to extend its life and maintain uptime.

Isolate applications and processes.

In the physical world, data centres moved to a one app/one server model in order to isolate applications. This causes physical server sprawl and increased costs .Virtualization provides application isolation and removes application compatibility issues by consolidating many of these virtual machines across far fewer physical servers.

Save energy, go green.

Migrating physical servers over to virtual machines and consolidating them onto far fewer physical servers’ means lowering monthly power and cooling costs in the datacentre.




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