Buried Cable Detection System

Buried Cable Detection System

Cryptum designs and Installs field-proven buried cable intrusion detection system for applications where covert perimeter protection is essential. It is a volumetric, terrain-following sensor that reliably detects and precisely locates walking, running or crawling intruders along a facility’s perimeter. The Buried cable incorporates enhanced digital signal processing (DSP) for even higher detection performance in challenging site conditions.

With a coverage range of 400 meters (1312 ft) per processor, the system consists of a processor unit and two sensor cable pairs that may be buried along a facility’s perimeter in soil, asphalt or concrete. A detection field is created around the sensor cable pair, enabling the detection of intrusions.

This is the industry’s highest performing buried cable sensor, designed to fully adapt to its installed environment, setting new standards for performance by providing covert, terrain-following detection that is uniform along a site’s perimeter. It pinpoints the location of perimeter disturbances using a target’s spatial and time signatures to discriminate legitimate intrusions from harmless disturbances caused by small animals or environmental factors such as wind, rain or snow. The system’s high signal-to-noise ratio and precise target location produce superior probability of detection and a very low false/nuisance alarm rate (FAR/NAR).

With Buried Cable, detection zones are set in software, to cost-effectively tailor zoning to suit a site’s unique requirements.
• Convert, terrain-following RF detection
• Pinpoints intrusion attempts to 3 m (10ft)
• Sensitivity Levelling™ for uniform detection
• Prevents environmental nuisance alarms
• Flexible, software controlled zoning

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